Obhoxodakeni: New Album

Maskhandi lovers please brace yourself for another extraordinary and exquisite album from Zakhele Shelembe aka ‘Mjaheni’. While it is still early to tell which song will dominate the streets and corners of South Africa, a reliable source has assured us with songs like ‘NJENGO KHULUBUSE’, OBHOXODAKENI’ and ‘ITHEMBA’ that music fans will be spoiled for choices. 

One thing in this new album that many other Maskhandi music makers had failed to do in decades of making music, was to bring new elements such as house music beats and the Northern Sotho test. Simultaneously, the album has some of hilarious elements in songs like ‘OBHOXDAKENI’. One had to be very inspired to come up with an album such as this. ‘That being said, Zakhele is no different, typically, like anyone that has’ a certain individual they look up to, he has drawn some inspirational from the like of Zahara, whom he wrote a song about and dedicate to (track number 2). Many other inspirations will have to be the journey of his life and love life, like track number 07, ‘BUYA LITHA’.

With songs like ‘IMIKHUHLANE’, Mjaheni aim to sends a strong message to many South Africans that, we should refrain from judging one another.Obhoxodakeni

Obhoxodakeni is the second album for ‘Mjaheni’ where his debut album ‘LENDABA YOKUCWASANA’ did exceptionally well. The new album can be found in many music outlets across the country. As well it is necessary to emphasize, this is a must have album!

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  1. Well done Mzamela I’m wishing you all the best on your music journey we are proud of you, keep it up good work… Umenjalo Mdinwa….

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